Internship Application Form


The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) offers an opportunity for youth to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in sustainable development. During internship, youth are involved in particular tasks such as research project, action project, development of communication media and materials and/or documentation activities of an on-going project.

After a successful completion of the internship certificates are awarded to interns.

Aim of the internship:
(1) Provide an understanding of Sustainable Development concerns, issues and efforts in the global context
(2) give hands-on experience
(3) provide opportunity to gain communication and other work related skills

Who can join us as an intern?

Young people from 18 up to 30 years from all over the world can apply for an internship which can last from 2 months up to one year. Interest in learning and the topic is necessary as well as the wish to work with organizations involved in this sector.

Internship Placements: 
You can also be part of the SAYEN internship program with an internship placement which is created in cooperation with your school/ college/ university. 
There will be a MOU in which all the details of your internship will be listed like for example the role and responsibilities of the partner organizations, the financial responsibilities, details on the nature of the internship, legal aspects, etc. 

This MOU will govern the internship on the whole.

How to apply? 
1.) The internship application form is available at 
2.) Young people who are interested can download the form and send it to along with their detailed CV. 
3.) International Interns may please attach a scanned copy of their CV along with the application.
Send the form with all the required information to 
The application can be send all over the year. 
Please note: Finalizing the internship project and location can take up to one month.

From the Interns desk...

Dhara Parmar, 19 yrs
Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda
First Year of B.A. LLB (hons.)
Internship period: Jan 2013

Working in YEN department has been interesting. I feel I’ve gained a huge amount of new skills and valuable experience. The reading which I did for my work provided me with a great learning experience. Through research work I gained more understanding about biological diversity, sustainable development, role of youth in south Asia for creating awareness regarding environment and a lot more. Not only gaining knowledge through research but also I got an opportunity to have a discussion with Germans on “fair trade” through which I got to know many things about the fair trade organizations and their importance in Germany. Overall it was a great experience working with CEE.


From the Interns desk...

Hello everyone. I am Hendrik Boldt from Germany.I was 18 years old when I came to CEE from far away Germany. I had just finished my German  “Abitur” (like class 12 final exams) and decided to apply for the German “voluntary service” program abroad, wherein I get my service supported monetarily if conducted in a certain manner in non-industrialized nations working for either environment or for a social world.
As in Germany it is called a voluntary service and many people have idealistic images about it, also I did not only come to India out of my interest in Indian culture and livelihood, but with a thinking that it would be like doing something good, like paying for a debt I naturally have being born in a rich and economically powerful nation, a debt to everyone else not to forget about the countries who are underprivileged in a global sense.
Now, after a year has passed, I do think differently – not so much about debts and responsibilities to get to a mutual understanding – but very much about how people in Germany view their relation to India and many other countries and how they see the work of so-called volunteers and NGOs. In India I was no longer a volunteer but an Intern which, as a term, expresses a far more realistic view on what I did in here, even if I was not an Indian Intern.
All in all, it was the most experience-full year that I have ever had in my life, many of those where due to CEE. I experienced a good working atmosphere especially in the homely CEE North- East Office, a kind of friendliness that is not found in very deeply time/pressure-dominated standard working-atmosphere. I learned about the many difficulties that NGOs are confronted with and a lot about schooling and other problems of India, I believe I got to know more than the surface of things, but inner structures. And I realized that over all, I had not a glimpse of an idea of how this country actually is, even though I had seen so many pictures, read so many reports.
Going into more detail about my experiences and learning would certainly be too much.
A main thing is, that I made good, even very good friends and will surely come back, may distance melt over this truth!
I am more than thankful for this year and sure it will influence my life as well as my thinking in many situations as oftentimes I will remember and compare with what I saw and felt in this year.